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How to start management accounting for professional sports clubs

​Management accounting can be difficult

Easy to start small

I feel the need for management accounting, but I can't seem to get around to it...I want to properly manage my outlook for the future, but I can't afford to incur large new costs, and the hurdles are high... What if that hurdle was low and you could actually start small? This document explains the effects on management of properly performing management accounting, along with examples. Future forecasts are judged based on experience (feelings) ●Although a financial accounting system has been introduced, management accounting is managed independently using Excel, which lacks timeliness.●Therefore, future forecasts are difficult to judge. , We are making judgments based on experience (feelings). Wouldn't it be costly to introduce a dedicated system? ●Isn't management accounting difficult? ●Wouldn't there be financial and human costs involved in introducing and operating the system? ●Can I use it even after introducing it? Resolved! Introducing a management accounting system at low cost through subscription! About management accounting: Management accounting refers to "accurately understanding a company's performance, objectively analyzing it, and utilizing it for management." In other words, management accounting is the analysis of management for decision-making from various aspects.
Four problems in managing professional sports clubs: Just like in general companies, professional sports club management has many back-office issues. Here, we will introduce four specific common problems. ① It takes time to compile report materials for internal and external use. It takes a considerable amount of time to compile these reporting materials, such as results from accounting systems and progress from sales management tools. ② Calculating allocation for each department is time-consuming: Calculating actual sales and expense data based on the allocation rate and allocating it to each department takes a considerable amount of time and effort. ③ It takes time every year to create a plan for the next year: I would like to create a plan for the next year based on top-down monetary instructions, but it takes many months from the time the plan comes up to the time it is finalized. I want to be more efficient. ④It takes time and effort to report to the league each time: When reporting to the league, the subjects for your own club and the subjects to be reported are different, so it takes time and effort to compile the subjects every time. ``Management accounting systemization'' can solve these problems!
By systematizing management accounting, you can solve the following problems: For example, tasks that require separate re-input and calculations, such as external data linkage and allocation rate calculations, become easier! ① Semi-automating data linkage from external systems: By systematizing it, you can semi-automate data linkage with your current sales management tools and accounting tools! By pre-mapping, you can improve the efficiency of your work and dramatically reduce the time it takes to compile tedious data! ② Easily calculate allocations for each department by setting them in advance: For example, when tickets are sold by another department, or when internal sales and expenses occur. If you systemize it, you can set the allocation ratio for each department in advance, and after importing the results, you can automatically allocate it to each department! ③ Easily plan for the next year based on the previous year's results: If you systemize it, you can quickly plan for the next year based on the previous year's results! With this system, you can instantly create a budget for each department based on a rough estimate by simply specifying the amount of income and expenditure (or growth rate) you want to aim for! ④ Easy league reporting with subject mapping settings: No problem even if the subjects managed by your company are different from the league reporting subjects! Once systemized, by mapping in-house managed subjects and league reportable subjects in advance on the master, you can download report materials with a single button!
How to start management accounting using a system [4 steps]: We will introduce 4 steps to realize management accounting that is useful for professional sports club management at low cost. We will help you improve your time performance and maximize your work efficiency! STEP 1: Organize the current situation [Centralize information]: First, systemize the information currently being managed, share information, and prevent it from becoming dependent on individuals. STEP 2: Semi-automation of back office operations [Reduction of compilation time] By linking the results from accounting and data from sales management tools to the system, the time taken to compile management materials can be significantly reduced! Costs can be diverted to other tasks. STEP 3: Difference analysis using plans/estimates/actual results [Accurate revenue and expenditure management] Confirm whether things are proceeding according to the planned plan using the performance management table and the results list, and analyze the differences with the actual results. You can accurately manage your income and expenditures. STEP 4: Review of subjects and detailed management of sales [Towards stable management] In order to perform "more detailed management," we will ``review subjects'' and manage even ``ticket types and seats'' to make the business more stable. We aim to achieve management that is If you try to go all the way up to STEP 4, you will incur human costs. Starting with STEP 1 and 2 will be a big step towards improvement.
Professional sports club business management accounting system Supomane. In order to perform management accounting appropriately, it is best to introduce a system that matches the management of professional sports. Functions/Features: Supomane is Japan's only management accounting system that specializes in professional sports club management. It has the basic functions required for club management, and can be introduced flexibly and at low cost to meet customer needs. ●Data can be flexibly imported from existing systems ●Monthly pricing keeps implementation costs low ●Full support plans are available even in the event of a staff shortage ●Available regardless of club size ●Intuitive It does not take long for the user to become familiar with the operation. Introducing the installation process and price: ■Introduction process From inquiry to operation, construction can be completed in as little as 3 months. Hearing ⇒ Consulting, Master Settings ⇒ Operation Guidance Test Trial ⇒ Main Contract ■Reference price (excluding tax) [Subscription version of annual contract *Monthly display/price excluding tax] ●Small plan (up to 3 licenses) ●Standard plan (5 licenses) ) ●Business Plan (up to 10 licenses) ●Professional Use Plan (up to 30 licenses*) ●Safety Omakase Pack* ●Operational support by a certified public accountant*If you need implementation support, please feel free to contact us for details. Materials/Price Click here to download the table

Management accounting for professional sports clubs
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