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​Advantages of introduction

Management, field personnel, and cost aspects.

We will explain the benefits of each.

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  1. Real-time information provision:
    By systematizing management accounting,Collect dataanalysisso that it is always up-to-dateUnderstand your financial situationPossible.
    Future trends can be predicted. This allows organizations to prepare for future challenges and develop strategic plans.

  2. Increased efficiency and productivity:

    Provides business process automation and data integration. Excel tubeIt reduces manual tasks and improves efficiency across the organization.

  3. Budgeting and cost control:

    Supports budget creation, management, and analysis and provides cost transparency. Especially when it comes to sports team budgets, effectivecostmanagementis important.

  4. Analysis and strategy development:

    Detailed analysis of data provides a better understanding of revenue sources and cost items to help shape future strategies. Appropriate use of dataThis allows you to develop strategies to maximize your results.

  5. Subsidy utilization and cost reduction:

    The installation cost is a subscription-type monthly fee. By using the IT introduction subsidy*, costs can be halved for up to two years. Economic burden is reduced and resources can be used effectively.*As of January 2024

  6. Improve data reliability and accuracy:

    Reduce human error and improve data reliability and accuracy. Accurate economic decisions can be made.

  7. Improving team performance:

    Having accurate information from an economic perspective also contributes to improving the overall performance of sports teams. By adjusting strategies and appropriate allocation of resources,Improved support for players and coaching staff, resulting in improved fan engagement andIt will also contribute to improving your competitive results.

  8. Investing in the future:

    This system can be viewed as an investment in the future. In the increasingly competitive world of sports, leveraging the latest technology is the key to success. Implementing this system will increase your organization's competitiveness and pave the way for the future.


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  1. Improve operational efficiency:
    CurrentBy using the system, linking with external systems becomes processes (data entry, etc.)processing). Persons in charge can reduce the burden of manual work.and improve operational efficiency.

  2. Real-time information access:
    Employees have access to the latest financial data and performance metrics in real time. This makes it possible to make quick decisions and plan countermeasures.

  3. Centralized data management:
    Our system centralizes data management and easily integrates information from different departments and functions. This gives personnel a comprehensive view of the situation across the organization.

  4. Automated reporting:
    Our system can automatically generate various reports. This allows personnel to spend less time creating reports and focus on strategic activities.

  5. Effectively manage your budget:
    Personnel can effectively create budgets and monitor progress. It is possible to detect budget excesses and deficiencies at an early stage and make adjustments.

  6. Analysis and decision support:
    The system provides advanced analytical capabilities that enable personnel to make strategic decisions based on data. Easily understand financial data and economic factors and take appropriate action.

  7. Understanding trends and predicting the future:
    Agents can use past data to understand future trends. This allows you to develop plans and strategies based on future prospects.

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  1. Improved cost efficiency:
    When hiring full-time staff, there are a variety of costs such as salaries, social insurance, training, etc.The usage fee for this system (starting from 19,800 yen per month) significantly reduces these fixed costs. This allows you to reasonably control your budget and reduce the financial burden on your organization.

  2. Flexible cost management:
    Although there is a fixed cost for paying full-time staff, the usage fee for our system fluctuates depending on your needs. The ability to flexibly adjust costs to match economic and organizational changes allows you to respond quickly and effectively to unpredictable situations.

  3. Reduced need for specialized skills:
    When hiring full-time staff, specialized knowledge and skills are required, but our system provides a user-friendly interface and can be used even without specialized skills. This reduces the need for specialized skills and saves on training and education costs.

  4. Get started now:
    Hiring full-time staff requires time for the hiring process and training, but you can start using our system immediately. With rapid implementation, you can quickly realize operational efficiency improvements.

  5. Reduced support and update burden:
    When hiring full-time staff, there is a burden to maintain and update the system, but this system reduces this burden because we provide support and regular updates. As a result, our system's monthly subscription fee makes it an ideal choice for improving cost efficiency while preserving your organization's financial health.

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