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​Frequently asked questions and answers

Q: Why did you choose to specialize in professional sports management?
Can you call it a system?

The management of professional sports can be said to be ``slightly more complex'' than that of a typical company.

The products we handle range from 100 yen erasers to hundreds of millions of yen worth of player sticks, and the income and expenditures are also diverse, including sponsor management, ticket management, product sales management, and school management. In general accounting systems, although it is possible to ``register sales and purchases results'', there is no function such as ``management to achieve the planned budget'', and the only option is to rely on Excel management.


Spomane focuses on the "characteristics" of the professional sports industry, and is a system created after conducting research and interviews to find out what kind of management is being carried out in the field. ”.

Q: On a professional sports team?
Why is management accounting necessary?

Professional sports require victory. It can be said that when a club wins, it gives fans dreams and excitement, and it also has a ripple effect on the local economy.

However, ``practicing for victory'' alone is not enough to attract good players, managers, and coaches. Sometimes flashy performances are necessary to give fans dreams and excitement, and to provide passionate support, we also need goods that are in line with trends and delicious food.

What do you need for that?

Yes, it's funding. You can't invest without funds. If we can't make investments, even powerful players will leave, and we won't be able to strengthen them. In other words, ``Management that cannot see the future cannot win.''

Spomanet puts first priority on ``strengthening the financial system,'' which is the ``truth'' and ``core'' for the club's victory, and contributes to ``financial stabilization for victory.''

Q: What is the difference from management in Excel?

Excel can be managed in any way you want, but there are always risks of data loss, corruption, overwriting, etc., and security issues because there are no permission settings.

Additionally, since a certain amount of time is required to create reports and lists, there is a risk of lost opportunities and errors in judgment.

Above all, there is the problem of ``individualization''.

If you have to make a sudden change in personnel, it will confuse the successor and the club as a whole.

With Spomare, you can manage your club with only the "next move" in mind to stabilize your finances without taking on such risks.

Q: What types of data can be imported?
What kind of things do you have?

Regarding cooperation with existing systems, please refer to the following data.Bulk import (CSV or Excel) is possible.

*Upload work is required on the Supomane side.

Actual data from accounting system

・Prospect information data from sales management tools

Please contact us separately regarding automatic data linkage from existing systems. (This will be available for a fee)

Q: There is no system specialist.
​Wouldn't it take more effort to install it?

With the exception of some major companies, most professional sports club management companies do not have a system specialist.

Supomane uses a system that requires as little effort as possible for users. For example, "monthly results import work" and "sales management information" can be "batch import", and "forecast and actual data comparison table (performance management table)" and "league report" can be imported in bulk. Based on the registered information, it is possible to output with the press of a button.​ Master registration etc. can be easily imported from an Excel file.Email support is also available.

In addition, for users who do not have time for initial settings such as master registration, we offer "In addition to the Anshin Omakase Pack (charged), we also accept outsourcing services during the operation phase using the ``All-in-one Plan (charged)''. Please contact us.

Q: Who can use it?
Can it be used outside of professional sports?

Spomane is a system developed for "professional sports club management".As of September 2023, standard use in "J League/B League/league ONE" is possible.

In addition to the above professional sports, league sports (both professional and amateur)"sponsorBasically, it is possible to use our service if your business model is based on management, ticket management, product sales management, etc.


If you would like to use or consider using it for something other than league sports, please feel free to contact us.

Q: About the budgeting method (top-down method/bottom-up method)

The top-down method refers to "sales (budget) target numbers set by management," and when management says, "Next year's sales target is XX billion! (or XXX% up from the previous year!)" It is a budgeting method that consists of instructions.

Spomane automatically calculates the "estimated base budget for the next year's plan" from the previous year's actual percentage based on the "target amount (or numerical value)" received from the management, which of course reduces the burden on the person in charge. , which helps you quickly create a budget.


The bottom-up method is a method in which the person in charge of budgeting compiles detailed numbers on a "subject-by-subject basis." The image is to create a budget for each game.

Q: What is the top-down method?
What is the proper use of the bottom-up method?

In sports management, we first create an "estimate base" using a top-down method, and then use a bottom-up method to "finely adjust parameters" in order to achieve the calculated numbers and adjust the balance. Recommended.

You can register up to 10 items on the budgeting screen, so you can create the best budget by creating a ``bullish plan'', ``bottom line plan'', ``slightly overreaching plan'', etc. and comparing them. I can.

Q: How much data can I enter?
Are you asked for it?

Data is the lifeblood of a management system.

Basic master information, past results (for the most recent year), plans (budget), sales progress information (estimated)You will need to input the information, but it is difficult to input it only on the screen, so we can prepare for bulk import using Excel or CSV.

Q: I want to utilize the input data.

All input data can be output in Excel.

Of course, it is also possible to make your own by making secondary use of forms that are not available in Supomane.

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